A limited liability company (LLC) combines the best traits of an International Business Corporation (LLC) and a partnership. Like shareholders in a corporation, the members are protected from personal liability in excess of their capital investment. Like the partners in a partnership, members can flexibly allocate gains and losses. Flexible management makes the LLC an excellent vehicle for transactions requiring a considerable degree of passive investment, such as venture capital projects, investment in real estate, oil, or technology, as well as research and development of business. In addition, the LLC may be conveniently employed in the types of parent-subsidiary arrangements inherent to large corporations because either an individual or an entity may be a member.

Marshall Islands LLC Key Features

  1. The internal affairs of a Marshall Island LLC are governed by the Company Agreement which may written or oral
  2. The Company Agreement may make provisions for the admission of members and assignees to whom certain rights, powers or share of profits and losses may be given
  3. Assignees may eventually become members in the manner provided for in the Company Agreement and upon the written consent of all members
  4. Marshall Islands LLC’s have no shareholders, all principals are referred to as members
  5. The registered agent (The Trust Company) for service of process must be appointed by both foreign and domestic LLC’s whether onshore or offshore companies
  6. The Attorney General serves as registered agent for Marshall Islands LLC’s which do not appoint a registered agent
  7. Marshall Islands offshore LLC’s are not allowed to enter into insurance, trust or banking business

Marshall Islands LLC

Corporate Details


  • Registered Office in Marshall Islands


  • Access to Double Taxation Treaties


Share capital or equivalent

  • Standard currency

US Dollar

  • Permitted currencies



  • Minimum number


  • Local required


  • Publicly accessible records



  • Minimum number


  • Publicly accessible records


  • Corporate shareholder allowed


  • Location of meetings


Company Secretary

  • Required


  • Local or qualified



  • Requirements to prepare


  • Audit requirements



  • Requirement to file annual return


  • Migration of domicile permitted


Marshall Islands LLC Tax Treatment

Marshall IslandsLLC is not subject to tax on foreign sourced income.

Marshall Islands LLC Duration to Set- up

1 -3 Working Days

Marshall Islands LLC Distinctive Benefits

  • Exceptionally fast incorporation time of only one business day.
  • All LLCs registered by non-residents and receiving its income outside the jurisdiction are statutorily exempt from taxation.
  • No requirement to file financial statements or to complete annual returns.
  • No currency exchange controls and capital can be expressed in any currency.

The Valsen Advantage

  1. End to end comprehensive service
  2. Speedy and efficient service
  3. Expert advice on structuring options
  4. Dedicated ongoing compliance support
  5. Extensive network pool of service providers